Affordable Pricing Options
to Fit Every Budget

Divvy uses credits to help you save. Pay less per asset when you buy more credits at once.

Credit Packages

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How our files are priced:

Magazine Icon
Multimedia Images

Purchasing a multimedia image provides you with a high-resolution JPG file at 300 dpi (dots per inch). From a billboard to phone screen, this file is our most versatile.

Tier 1
15 credits
Tier 2
9 credits
Tier 3
3 credits
Smartphone Icon
Digital Images

All purchased digital images are high-resolution JPG files at 72 dpi (dots per inch). Digital images are ideal for online stores and social media use.

Tier 1
10 credits
Tier 2
6 credits
Tier 3
2 credits
Eating Utensils Icon

Receive a Word document, PDF file and nutritional information (where noted) packaged together for each Test Kitchen-approved recipe of your choosing.

Tier 1
5 credits

Licensing as easy as we can make it.

No royalties. No funny business. With Divvy, you are free to use your purchase, your way—as many times as you’d like. Learn more about our licenses

Unlimited Impressions

It doesn’t matter if 5 people or 5 million people are seeing your project, our licenses cover it with no need to buy an extended license.

  • Multimedia license: You get unlimited impressions on any channel, digital or physical.
  • Digital license: Post it on social media and your website, and use it in your e-mail blast for good measure. Your digital license comes with unlimited impressions on any digital channels.
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Unlimited Projects

When you purchase Divvy assets, they’re yours for one year for as many projects as you can find to use them in. Purchase an image of a delicious salmon entrée for a sale circular in May, and you can use it again in December for holiday dinner inspiration. Plus, the asset can live in its original project forever. That means no need to do a content audit (yawn!) after a year to remove Divvy assets from your website or social media.

  • Multimedia license: Use the asset for one year in any number of projects for any channel, digital or physical.
  • Digital license: Use the asset for one year in any number of projects for digital channels.
Unlimited Seats

Need to share assets for a team project? We’re good with that. All our licenses include unlimited seats for sharing assets with no need to buy an extended license.

Physical Products

What our licenses don’t allow is use in a product for resale where the primary value is from the image itself: cards, stationery, calendars, apparel or posters. Our licenses also don’t allow use of images in electronic or digital templates that are intended for resale. (Our lawyers wouldn’t budge on this one.)

Pricing FAQs

Can I return credits if they are unused?

Divvy can refund credits within 14 days of purchase, as long as no credits have been used. Please contact Divvy in writing to request a refund.

How long can credits be used?

Credits never expire.

How do credits work?

Credits can be purchased in packages and used to buy assets (images and recipes) from Divvy. Larger credit packages are discounted, allowing you to purchase assets more economically.

How do I view my credit balance?

You can view your credit balance in your account profile.

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